Krav Maga Scenarios 03.21.15

Imi knife threat
Imi poised to punish the assailant not for brandishing a weapon, but for sporting that windbreaker without irony.

This week’s scenario will be…

Knife Threats in a Confined Space

Saturday, 3/21, 8:30AM

Post requests for future scenarios to the comments below!



Expert Series IV: Check!

I completed the Expert Series IV Black Belt Prep Course last week at the Krav Maga Worldwide National Training Center in Los Angeles (where is was a sunny and breezy 85°+). As usual, it was a tremendous block of intense training with a very talented group of fellow instructors from around the country. I learned so much from them and from our course instructors A.J. Draven, Wayne Miller, and Kelly Campbell.

Thanks to everyone at the Academy (especially Brian, James, and Julian) for all the lead-up training and well-wishes!


Black Belt Spectacular 03.28.15

Come celebrate with our school’s newest black belts!
✶ XMA demo performances ✶
✶ Belts & awards ✶
✶ DJ & games following the show ✶

The Black Belt Spectacular will be held at Watertown Middle School (map below) on Friday, September 5.

Doors open at 7pm
Ceremony begins at 7:15pm
This is a free, public event.
As always, food and beverages are potluck-style, so we ask that anyone coming bring something to eat or drink and drop it off in the cafeteria prior to the ceremony.


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