Harvest Fest Showcase 10.24.15

Saturday October 24, 4:30pm
An invitation to showcase our skills!

The Academy has been invited to perform a demonstration at the annual fall carnival here in Watertown hosted by Grace Chapel. Rather than just bring our XMA performance team, we’d like to open it up to anyone who would like a chance to perform!

In order to perform each student must:

  1. Add their name to their class sign-up list in the lobby
  2. Be able to confidently perform their most current form
  3. Arrive at 525 Main St in full uniform by 4:15pm

Krav Maga Daily Lesson Plans

We’re experimenting with something new in our lesson planning. We will be posting the day’s class agenda on Facebook in advance. Our hope is that this, combined with the curricula, will help you better gauge your progress and motivate you to train regularly. We ask for your feedback on this change, as we’re looking to improve your training experience and results in any way we can.

If you have not done so already, be sure to Like Us on Facebook. Select “See First” or “Get Notifications” so you never miss Academy news! If you are not on Facebook, still check our page regularly; all posts are public.


September 2015 Schedule Changes

The following schedule changes go into effect next week, 9/14:

  • NEW: Little Dragons on Mondays @ 3:30pm
  • REMOVED: Kids Beginner on Mondays
  • NEW: Krav Maga Open Mat on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 7:30pm
  • REMOVED: Little Dragons on Fridays
  • REMOVED: Black Belts on Fridays
  • NEW: Black Belts on Saturdays @ 11:30am
  • Saturday morning Krav Maga remains on hiatus for the time being. We are discussing changing the format, and your input is welcome. We will announce the change in the next few weeks.

All of these changes are on both the downloadable schedule and the Google calendar on the Class Schedule page.