Hair Grab w/ Impending Strike with Krav Maga Worldwide® Lead Instructor A.J. Draven


Kick Defense with Krav Maga Worldwide® Lead Instructor A.J. Draven


Update of Attire Policy

Vibram FiveFingers 170411: Bikila and KomodoSport.
It’s that time again: A reminder of the Academy’s attire policy. The update is a clarification on footwear and is highlighted below.

  • Students are asked to wear either a Krav Maga Worldwide shirt, a plain white shirt, or a plain black shirt. Official Krav Maga attire (T-shirts, shorts, pants) is available for purchase at the school. (First-time students may wear any comfortable athletic clothing.) All clothing and equipment must be clean without excessive wear, holes, or tears. See also: “Don’t be a stinky partner”.
  • Bring a pair of CLEAN, DRY athletic shoes (no street shoes allowed). This is especially important in rainy weather and the winter. Not only does it keep the mats clean, but it lessens the safety risk of someone slipping. All footwear must be secured to the feet by straps, laces, etc. Slip-on shoes or shoes that are too loose pose a safety risk to you and your training partners.
  • ALL jewelry is to be removed (earrings, necklaces, watches, rings, etc.) for your safety and the safety of your training partners.

The Academy’s policies and FAQ can be found here: Krav Maga FAQ


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Krav Maga Scenarios 06.28.14

Overcoming obstacles
This week’s scenario will be…

The Final-Class-of-the-Season,
Scenarios Obstacle Course

We’re going to combine many of the scenarios we’ve explored over the last six months into one overarching narrative.

Saturday, 6/28, 8:30AM

This is the last Scenarios class of the summer! Saturday morning classes will resume after Labor Day. Thanks to everyone who braved the early mornings (especially over the winter) for another great season of Scenarios. Have a great break!


*Actual scenarios to be conducted at lower elevations than depicted.
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Summer Break 2014

The Academy will be closed for summer break Monday June 30 through Saturday July 5. Classes will resume Monday July 7. These dates are marked on the Class Schedule.

Please also note that all Saturday classes will break for July and August. The last Saturday classes for the summer will be this Saturday, 6/28. They will resume after Labor Day.

Have a safe and fun break!

There will NOT be Youth Kenpo classes Saturday 6/28, only 8:30am Krav Maga. After 6/28, all Saturday classes go on break until the fall. Apologies for the confusion.



Building Aggressiveness with Krav Maga Worldwide® Lead Instructor A.J. Draven


Kids Night Out Party 06.22.14

There will be a “Kids Night Out” party at the Academy this Sunday, June 22, from 5pm – 9pm. The cost is $25 per child or $40 with siblings. Because it’s the end of “Buddy Week”, there is no charge for bringing a buddy!


Download PDF Liability Release (PDF)



Krav Maga Scenarios 06.21.14

Sense and sensibility
This week’s scenario will be…

Gun Threat Defenses from the Ground

Saturday, 6/21, 8:30AM

Post requests for future scenarios to the comments below!


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Expert Series III Black Belt Prep Course

Last weekend I completed the Expert Series III Black Belt Prep Course at the Krav Maga Worldwide National Training Center in gorgeously temperate West Los Angeles. It was four days of great training with a very talented group of fellow instructors from around the country. Our course instructors were the always-inspiring Kelly Campbell, Wayne Miller, and Junior Merkle.

As usual, I have returned with a renewed vigor for training and teaching (and a notepad full of scribbles), and I’m very excited to share with everyone.


3rd Party Gun Defense with Krav Maga Worldwide® Lead Instructor A.J. Draven