What You’re Missing in Fight Class

To say that attendance for Fight Class has waned is an understatement. For the past few classes, without a quorum to fight, those with the dedication to stay have chosen the training topics. Last week we did defenses against knife slashes. This past Wednesday, we were training stick defenses when the often-asked question inevitably arose

Sword Defense
Stick defenses on the dead side are incredibly versatile. Against a two-handed freakin’ laser sword? Check.

Shelby: But what if it’s a sword?
Susanna: I have a sword in my trunk.
Patrick: LET’S DO IT.
Brendan: [paraphrasing] You guys are nuts.

At least for the summer, or so long as attendance is so sparse (but still enough to support even having a class [nudge nudge]), “Fight Class” will be an open format hour where we’ll focus on technical training of… whatever you want. If that happens to be fighting, great. If not, that’s OK too. Because we will most likely be sparring or working with weapons, the class will still be open to Krav Maga Advanced students only.

Fight Class was added to the schedule because so many students were asking for it. This is kinda the last-ditch effort to keep it alive…


South Philly “Stick Defense”

I doubt this guy has trained in Krav Maga, but this video is nonetheless a perfect, real-world example of how an instinctive reaction is turned into an effective defense.

I’ve cued it right to the action for you @ 1:00. There is some salty language shouted back and forth, so use your judgment before viewing at full volume…


Krav Maga Advanced Student Appreciation Seminar: 04.12.14

A FREE Advanced Student Appreciation Seminar will be held on Saturday, April 12, from 1-3pm. The seminar will cover techniques from the Krav Maga Black Belt Curriculum, specifically stick vs. stick, stick vs. knife, and knife vs. knife.

  • This seminar is open to Krav Maga Advanced students only.
  • It is highly recommended, but not required, to have hockey gloves for this seminar. (Yes, hockey gloves.) You can purchase these at a sporting goods store or online at Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc. You can still participate without hockey gloves, but you will not get the most from training.

The sign-up window is closed.